Bright. Beautiful. Timeless.


"The Best Thing About A Picture Is That It Never Changes, Even When The People In It Do."

-Andy Warhol  

          Sure we could write about how we were in love with photography ever since we picked up our grandfathers film camera or how we knew in our teenage rebellion years, that we always wanted to grow up to be photographers... but that would be bullshit. 

Since 2008, we've followed our passion for producing a unique photography experience, filled with natural smiles, candid moments, and our clients' true personalities.  We strive to offer our couples a little something different, with completely customizable packages and two distinct, yet complementary lighting styles, providing you with an expansive photojournalistic portfolio. Our MMP client family also has exclusive access to affordable (and gorgeous) albums, archival prints, wall art items, and parent gifts... or you can go total DIY with your print products as each client receives a personal print release with your gallery.

What we do isn't just about the photography, but getting to know two people who fell in love and want to share their story. We personally guarantee our work is comprised of REAL couples who we adore, rather than stylized sessions.  We're not everyone's cup of tea (or Scotch as Mr. McClain prefers), but we are a damn good fit for those who are looking for something nontraditional.  In our opinion, cookie cutters are for baked goods (Hooray for CARBS), not wedding photography.

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