"What Will Survive Of Us Is Love"

-Philip Larkin




Love is a powerful energy- an energy we share as husband and wife, but also an energy that fuels the passion for creating breathtaking images for our client family. We share the word family when referring to our couples, as many become close friends after the shutter closes at the end of the night (mic drop in photographer world).

Our method of madness is simple:

We keep focus on our couples, learning your story and individual personalities, which shines true in your images with natural smiles, genuine laughs, and raw emotions.

We treat ALL couples with admiration and respect.  Your love and energy fuels our creativity!

We're your number one fan!  Sales aren't our thing- we want you to stay within your budget so we'll work with you to maximize your contracted time to get the highest quality images possible.  We also help as a liaison on your wedding day to aide in smooth timeline transitions (no one likes a soggy, cold dinner).

We promise to make many bad jokes to keep those natural smiles rolling!  Believe me, Jason has a stockpile;-)